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What to expect on

your first visit


  • Our office manager will gladly greet you and guide you through your initial office visit.

  • The clinical examination with Dr. Alexander discloses visual findings, and is a venue for open-discussion and our tentative treatment recommendation.

  • If the patient is deemed ready for treatment, diagnostic records are needed for detailed treatment planning and disclosure. This includes clinical photographs, orthodontic models, and x-rays. The information is required for treatment planning your individual course of treatment.

  • The initial examination appointment provides comprehensive information on your treatment including options, finances and estimated completion time. We are here to answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Orthodontic treatment is a team effort; your treatment will progress more favorable when you understand how and why things are done.

  • We hope this gives you an overview of what to expect on your first few visits. After the initial exam you will be on your way to a new smile and healthy bite. We will have the opportunity to know each other over the course of your treatment and look forward to ensuring the time you spend with us is enjoyable and meets your expectations.