Our goals at Alexander Orthodontics are to offer excellent patient care, provide a pleasant orthodontic experience, and to educate every patient and their family about orthodontics.  All of these factors are essential in satisfying your goal of obtaining a beautiful smile.

We are in the business of creating beautiful smiles – smiles that last a lifetime! A beautiful smile increases self-esteem and confidence – and that lasts long after the treatment has finished.

Also, it is a fact that proper alignment of crooked, crowded teeth will enhance dental health well into adult life. If you are worried about expense, we have payment plans to make the best orthodontic treatment available to you and your family.

Thank you for considering the practice of Dr. Alexander for your orthodontic care! And thank you for visiting our site, we are one of the Treasure Valley’s most modern orthodontic clinics located in one it’s most exciting new locations.